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My name is Randy Beadle and I live in the Portland, Oregon area.  I grew up in this area but have lived in Iowa, Texas and Southern California.  I love this area and hope to remain here because of all the recreation it offers.  I started going to college here and completed my education in Southern California were I first started working in the electronic engineering field.  The bulk of my experience lies in aerospace and automotive electronics.  I enjoy working with computers as a hobby but have never pursued a career in it to date.  I was married for the 7 year stay in California, then moved back to the Northwest when it didn't work out.  I am currently single but always on the lookout for that right women!

As you can tell with the pix elsewhere in this site my primary hobbies are motorcycles and snowmobiling.  I have been riding bikes since the 5th grade and have only done without it while attending college (man that sucked)!  As soon as I graduated I purchased a new Honda CR500 and started racing time keeper enduros in the Southern California desert.  When I moved back up to the Northwest I joined a motorcycle club and started racing ISDE enduros.  While in the club I was introduced to Dual Sport riding and had to buy a Honda XR600 to ride those events.  I currently ride a dual sported 2000 Honda XR650R for on/off road riding, a 1999 KTM 300EXC for off-road riding and a 1999 Arctic Cat 600 EFI for sledding.

The following are some pix of my other toys, a man can never have too many right?  Click on the image for a larger view.

2000XR650R.jpg (75134 bytes)  Finished1.jpg (103382 bytes)  99ZL600.jpg (70203 bytes)  Quad.jpg (43333 bytes)  Mustang.jpg (38837 bytes)  79Dodge.jpg (78559 bytes)

SnowHawk.jpg (86073 bytes)  Ok I don't own one of these yet, but it's on my Christmas list!  A motorcycle for the snow.

TruckTrailer.jpg (88566 bytes)  This is my transportation and accommodation for snowmobiling.  I am hoping to swap running gear between the yellow Dodge and the above pictured brown Dodge sometime soon.  The yellow one sports the better 440 running gear which I want in the brown non-rusted out supercab truck.

GeoTrailer.jpg (89327 bytes)  Ok, don't laugh too hard now!  My buds keep telling me I should be towing the GEO with the bike as it probably has more horsepower, lol.  This is not my primary bike hauler but it has to do in a pinch occasionally.

TentTrailerClosed.jpg (124398 bytes)  TentTrailerSetUp.jpg (138271 bytes)  This is my (key word) little tent trailer I tow behind my Mustang when I want to camp low budget without any additional toys.  It is actually designed to be towed behind a Honda Goldenwing type motorcycle.  The ole 5.0 stang doesn't even know its back there when in route.  I covered over 11,000 miles in a cross country trip the fall of 2000 with this set-up.

The following are some pix of other various recreational activities I enjoy:

Kayaking.jpg (74557 bytes)  I own a canoe which is fun, but my friend Mike got me into kayaking which is equally as fun.

Boating.jpg (56278 bytes)  Boating with my friend Greg is always an adventure.  We somehow always find trouble where trouble should not exist!  This pic was taken at Lake Billy Chinook in central Oregon.

SeaCycle.jpg (86393 bytes)  Another friend has a house on the Deshutes River and lets us borrow his Seacycle to go down with.

MountainBike.jpg (120344 bytes)  Mountain biking is something I really got into this summer and need to do more of.

McKenziePass.jpg (64049 bytes)  I love road trips, there is so much to see yet right here in the Northwest.

Freightliner.jpg (96490 bytes)  My cousin Bill invited me to ride along in his Freightliner for some interstate travel.

ClearLake.jpg (83430 bytes)  Camping with friends and family is always fun.  This is a trip we took to Clear Lake, Oregon this summer with my mom and the bro's family.  We found out we really weren't fisherman that week!

Spending time with the nephews is always fun and never dull!  A few pix of them:

Nephews.jpg (60120 bytes)  ChrisAaronDogs.JPG (60932 bytes)  AaronHonda50.jpg (75970 bytes)  ChrisBike.jpg (86957 bytes)

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