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Snowmobile Watercross 9/27/2003

This is an annual event that takes place on a private competition ski lake near Winlock, Washington.  This year they reversed the start/finish to opposite sides of the lake, I'm guessing to give them more room to stop after finishing as last year many of the sleds ended up in the bushes.  The staging area is now around the end of the lake.  The biggest news this year was the addition of a sled jumping contest which proved to be quite entertaining as the pictures will show.

Click on the image for a larger view.

dragstart.jpg (118243 bytes) The starting line for the drag races.

dragrace1.jpg (81973 bytes) dragrace2.jpg (99049 bytes) And the race is on, just don't let up on that throttle!

drownedsled.jpg (92858 bytes) This is what happens when you lose momentum.

dragfinish.jpg (80697 bytes) The finish line was a bit harsh on man and machine.

skier.jpg (65700 bytes) Yes Martha, this skier is being pulled by a snowmobile and is skiing barefoot!

skierjumping.jpg (108019 bytes)  And can you believe he is 67 years old.

thecrowd.jpg (151417 bytes) The crowd waiting to cheer them on.

todd.jpg (88622 bytes) Hot Toddy and King Kong strutin' their stuff.

ovalrace.jpg (72462 bytes) The oval race is always entertaining to see as turning these things on water is a challenge.

ovaldrowning.jpg (112014 bytes) As this guy found out the hard way.

Last year the oval race was the thing to see, this year they had a new event, a jumping contest.  They started at one end of the lake to get up enough speed to hit the ski jump and just hoped for the best.  The landings were brutal and not many made it without incident.

jump1.jpg (91548 bytes) jump3.jpg (97786 bytes) jump4.jpg (83373 bytes) jump5.jpg (79797 bytes) jump6.jpg (82524 bytes) jump7.jpg (81636 bytes)

crashlanding1.jpg (89330 bytes) crashlanding2.jpg (73588 bytes) Ouch, I feel the pain just watching!

jump2.jpg (96305 bytes) He kept her pinned right to the end but flotation proved to be a problem.

underwatertow.jpg (91114 bytes) This guy rode his out but not by the sleds power.

outofcontrol.jpg (78502 bytes) He was out of control but held on to the very end, thats dedication!

brokensled.jpg (108596 bytes) This sleds rear suspension has been seriously compromised after that jump, see the track hanging down.

superman.jpg (74267 bytes) This was perhaps the most spectacular jump of the day, a superman on a sled!





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