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Snowmobile Watercross 9/28/2002

This is an annual event that takes place on a private competition ski lake near Winlock, Washington.  The watercross started out 6 years ago as the half-time show for the competition skiers and has since turned into its own event due to its popularity.   I had seen videos of this being done in the past, but had never spectated.  This is worth seeing!

Click on the image for a larger view.

StagingArea.jpg (142637 bytes)  This is the staging area for the sleds, looks weird seeing all of them with no snow.

StartingRamp.jpg (82253 bytes)  A ramp with artificial turf on it going into the lake provides the drag race start line.

DragRace.jpg (64386 bytes) Drag racing across the lake.  The sleds float about as good as rocks when they don't make it.

ThruTheNet.jpg (88545 bytes)  This guy didn't slow down enough at the finish and went through the net and into the trees!

SnowmobileSkier.jpg (85683 bytes)  You don't see this everyday, yes he is pulling a waterskier with his snowmobile.

AmphibiousCar.jpg (67437 bytes)  You don't see this everyday either, he tried to pull a skier.

RadarRunDog.jpg (75941 bytes)  This is the radar run race.  Look closely, yeah thats his dog riding with him!

TowRig.jpg (120236 bytes)  Joey was part of the crew towing dead sleds back to the pits with his 4x4 quad.

OvalRace.jpg (81588 bytes)  The oval race is the one to really watch.  The sleds do a straight line fairly good, turning them is another story.  A lot of sleds sink during this event.  They use jet ski's to pull the sleds close enough to shore for the 4x4 quads to hook up and pull them all the way out.  They then have 30 minutes to get their sleds running for the next race.

AnotherSledSink.jpg (83210 bytes)  SledSinking.jpg (70333 bytes)  SledSinking2.jpg (79983 bytes)  SledSinking3.jpg (82779 bytes)  SledSinking4.jpg (82406 bytes)

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