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Paulina Lake Snowmobiling Pix

Click on image for larger view.

PaulinaLake1.jpg (62116 bytes)  Brian cooking up the ole pan-o-snow.

  Brian showing off his new thermals, thank god for no windows in the trailer!

  Greg giving Brian moral support while he whips up some breakfast in the freezing cold.

  Getting ready to ride the Poker Run Saturday morning.

  I guess we won't be staying here this weekend.

  A view of East Lake on a cloudy snowing morning.

  Another shot on the shores of East Lake.

  Climbing to here was a challenge as visibility was near zero, the snow was deep and it was very coooooold.  The elevation here is just under 8000 feet and the view is supposed to be just awesome, we wouldn't know.

  The view from the top of Paulina Peak.

  The North Play Area off of trail #4 which is actually an obsidian flow covered with snow.

  Brian whooping it up in the North Play Area.

  Brian taking on a hill climb in the North Play area.

   Another shot of Brian tearing it up in the North Play area.

EastPaulinaLakePanarama.jpg (167192 bytes)  A panorama shot of East Lake and Paulina Lake from the north off of trail #4.  Be sure to use slider below to pan the whole picture.

  We tried to get to China Hat via road 21 but ran out of enough snow to ride on.

  We got another fresh dump of snow for the Sunday morning ride.  The elevation here is about 5000 feet and there was a good 12-18 inches of fresh snow in the higher elevations.

  The warming hut was new and very nice.

  We were the first ones out Sunday morning, this is off of trail #64 to the west of Paulina Lake.

  A panoramic shot of the Sunriver area east of trail #64.  (Remember to pan!)

  These trails were way too much fun to be legal!  This is part of trail #80 to the north of Paulina Lake.

  Greg and Brian were always horsing around, it was tough keeping them in line.

  Riding next to Paulina Lake.

  A panoramic shot of Paulina Lake.  (Remember to pan!)

  We stopped for lunch at the Paulina Lake Lodge  restaurant.  There was plenty of bench racing going on inside!

  The store at the Paulina Lake Lodge.

  A view of Paulina Lake and Paulina Peak from the lodge.  

A big thanks to my brother Brian for making this trip happen, what a birthday present!

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