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KTM Resurection 2002

The story behind this is long and drawn out.  The following is the abbreviated version.  I bought a new 1999 KTM 300exc, rode it 4 times, then it was stolen.  A week later the thieves were caught and the KTM had been totally disassembled.  I recovered most of the critical components like the engine, suspension, tires/wheels, ect.  Unfortunately the frame, subframe, airbox, plastic, seat, bars and many small items were not recovered.  It was cost prohibitive to buy all the parts new, so I waited patiently for 3 years for a donor bike to come along.  I recently located a 1998 KTM 380sx in Canada with a blown motor and snabbed it up as soon as I could get there.  All of my 300exc parts bolted right in and it was up and running within a week.

Click on the image to see a larger view.

BikeAsBought.jpg (107976 bytes)  This is how the bike from Canada looked when I bought it.

BodyParts.jpg (105895 bytes)  I started by completely disassembling the bike down to the frame and cleaning every part.

Rebuild1.jpg (80177 bytes)  The '99 300exc mill is installed, the front fork/tire asy is still the original '98 yet.

Rebuild2.jpg (79203 bytes)  Shown with new 300exc rear swingarm, tire and shock.

Rebuild3.jpg (76305 bytes)  Shown with new 300exc front fork/tire asy and radiators.

Rebuild4.jpg (79415 bytes)  I polished the '98 aluminum subframe and assembled with the airbox.

Finished1.jpg (103382 bytes)  It is now a 99 300exc.

Finished2.jpg (96497 bytes)  Essentially everything is from the '99 except the frame, subframe, bars, airbox, plastic and seat.

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